Thursday, 7 March 2013

A little control

 This week I have been really hungry in the build up to lunch time.  Well, pretty much since leaving home in the mornings!  I guess this is due to the reduction of my breakfast meal sizes lately.  I was really not enjoying work earlier on in the year and often put off getting ready for the day by having a bit more at breakfast and staying on the couch.
I managed to wait until 12pm to have the rest of my pizza from last night and then my salad of sugar snap peas, mixed leaves and cherry tomatoes with ceasar dressing at lunchtime.

 It was a pretty busy day with lots of teaching followed by a fully booked year 8 parents evening from 4:30-7.  I had little voice left afterwards and was REALLY thirsty!
When I first started at the school they used to put on a range of bread rolls, different muffins and a glass of orange juice for everybody.  This year, they started providing a cooked meal (because it works out much cheaper and they can get away with serving on tiny trays that actually only hold three tablespoons of a dish!)  The first meal they served us was a curry heavy on onions.  The second meal contained a slice of garlic bread.  Luckily people spoke up and the meals have not been quite so smelly since!  We have to spend nearly three hours talking politely to parents...much nicer when not letting garlic spread through the air towards them!!!
Tonight though, the meal was lamb roulash.  I'm not a massive fan of meat anyway, especially anything as chewy as lamb.  I asked for the vegetarian option and was told I could get a plate of plain pasta in about 20 minutes and a cup of cheese to go over the top.  Rubbish choice, so I found one of the less hard cheese salad rolls from today's student stack and nibbled on this instead.

I had my running club committee meeting straight after at 8pm about 45 mins away.  The club secretary always brings in beautiful cakes which large chunks are taken from and munched during the meeting.  I decided, as I would not be able to photograph the wonder of Karen's cakes and as I had already gone nearly seven hours without anything passing my lips that as I was getting petrol I would pick up a muffin which would prevent me from getting drawn into the cake pile later on.  This worked.  I felt satisfied and in control!

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